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Q: I can't wear it properly.

T-1 adopts an over-ear wearing method favored by sound experts. Please refer to the quick guide faster and easier wear. (Quick Guide Download: Support -> Downloads -> T-1 Manual)

Q: What is the mmcx connector terminal? Is it compatible with other products?

The "T-1" unit (earset body) can be connected to most third-party cable products with MMCX connectors. Adjustable-fit boom microphone cables can also be connected to third-party products. However, each product may not fit because of its shape or size, depending on the design. If possible, we recommend products of a similar size and shape as possible even if you use other companies' products.

Q: Can I use another cable product on the mmcx connector terminal?

Most third-party cable products with MMCX connectors are compatible with T-1. Before connecting third-party products to the MMCX connector, please check whether the cable shape interferes with the T-1 unit and causes abnormal wear.

Q: Why did you adopt the mmcx connector terminal? Is there a reason why you have to put it in?

Since the rotation axis can be inserted into the unit of "T-1", it is very helpful in improving the fit by making the direction in which the user inserts it into the ear canal freer. And it was designed to allow users to replace and use various accessories that will be added to high-edition gaming in the future.

Q: The microphone is not working.

Make sure the mic control remote is on mute. Please check if it is a game device supported by the microphone (4 poles 3.5 mm).

Q: The volume is a little smaller than standard earphones.

Gameplay environments using various devices and accessories are more likely to be exposed to different noises. Considering this, we set the resistance value a little higher than that of general products. If it's not enough, please raise the volume.

Q: Can I buy a cable or earphone unit separately if I lose it?

If you contact Hidition Gaming, you can purchase it at a fair price after checking the product purchase history and serial number.


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