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Q: I can't wear it properly.

T-1 adopts an over-ear wearing method favored by sound experts. Please refer to the quick guide included inside the package for faster and easier wear. (Quick Guide Download: Support -> Downloads -> T-1 User Manual)

Q: What is the mmcx connector terminal? Is it compatible with other products?

The "T-1" unit (earset body) can be connected to most third-party cable products with MMCX connectors. Adjustable-fit boom microphone cables can also be connected to third-party products. However, each product may not fit because of its shape or size, depending on the design. If possible, we recommend products of a similar size and shape as possible even if you use other companies' products.

Q: Can I use another cable product on the mmcx connector terminal?

Most third-party cable products with MMCX connectors are compatible with T-1. Before connecting third-party products to the MMCX connector, please check whether the cable shape interferes with the T-1 unit and causes abnormal wear.

Q: The microphone is not working.

Make sure the mic control remote is on mute. Please check if it is a game device supported by the microphone (4 poles 3.5 mm).

Q: The volume is a little smaller than standard earphones.

Gameplay environments using various devices and accessories are more likely to be exposed to different noises. Considering this, we set the resistance value a little higher than that of general products. If it's not enough, please raise the volume.

Q: Can I buy a cable or earphone unit separately if I lose it?

If you contact Hidition Gaming, you can purchase it at a fair price after checking the product purchase history and serial number.


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